3d model of the Arwin device rotating

A water monitoring device for households

Photo of a blue box

Our device is a small box that attaches to water flow under your sink.

Machine Learning

With the help of machine learning, we detect light absorbed in a sample of water and hence detect contamination.

Web application

All the chemical attributes detected will be notified to a web application.

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I can highly recommend the team at Arwin. They are hardworking, innovative, and passionate about what they do. I think they have struck on a winning idea. Also, who wouldn’t support their mission to drive down the costs associated with water quality sampling? I can see these guys going far.

Jameson Brouwer

CEO of EKM Metering Inc.

Arwin is on a mission to fathom out a problem related to an irreplaceable necessity – water. If it’s not clean, it has potential health effects on a human being. My belief in one’s ability to tackle such global issues is always dependant on the people structuring the future of tomorrow towards better. I believe in the team behind this, their engineering and business capabilities. When I first heard the pitch of Til and Andrius about Arwin, it was absolutely mesmerizing. Finest next-generation founders.

Sander Tammer

CEO of Gemtastic Unicorns


Round picture of CEO pf Arwin Til Jordan
Til Jordan

CEO & Co-Founder

Computer Science student
at the University of
Southampton, UK.
Responsible for tech
development at Arwin.

Round picture of COO of Arwin Andrius Matšenas
Andrius Matšenas

COO & Co-Founder

Mathematics with Actuarial
Science Student at the
University of Southampton.
Responsible for business,
communication and
analysis at Arwin.

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